Overview And Career Paths About Red Hat Certification

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Overview And Career Paths About Red Hat Certification

Founded in the year 1993, Red Hat is one of the most popular software product providers in the world. Apart from software products and services, it also offers a host of certifications in several domains like storage, virtualization, cloud, and the operating systems offered by the company.

By clearing RHCA exams, one can turn into an RHCJD (Red Hat Certified JBoss Developer) or an RHCE (Red Hat Certified Engineer). The best part about the certifications offered by Red Hat is the flexibility. It allows professionals to choose from a large set of certifications apart from RHCJD and RHCE to ensure that they are able to pick the certifications that best suit their requirements.

Overview of certifications offered by Red Hat

The certification programs offered by Red Hat are focused upon system administrators, architects, engineers, application administrators, enterprise developers and even virtualization and cloud administrators who use Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL). This program aims to make sure that the professionals are proficient enough in RHEL on the basis of the position they want to serve in organizations.

Unlike most of the certification exams where you need to answer fill-in-the-blanks and multiple choice questions for clearing the exam, Red Hat exams require you to use the technologies offered by the company in real-world applications. After clearing any of the exams, you get access to Red hat certification Central, where you can get in touch with other certified professionals, look for potential employers, collaborate with other professionals, schedule exams, and even get discounts on recertification.

Let us have a look at some popular Red hat certifications:

  1. RHCSA- Red Hat Certified System Administrator
    This certification is for administrators experienced in Red Hat system. The RHCSA certification is also compulsory in some of the organizations in the US, and you also need to clear this exam if you want to appear for the RHCE exam.There are three training classes that you need to go through to prepare for this exam. They include RH124 (Red Hat System Administration I), RH134 (Red Hat System Administration II), and RH199 (RHCSA Rapid Track Course). To earn this certification, you’ll have to appear for the EX200 exam.
  2. RHCA- Red Hat Certified Architect
    The RHCA certification is one of the highest certifications offered by Red Hat. To be eligible for RHCA exams, you’ll first have to clear RHCJD (Red Hat Certified JBoss Developer) exam or RHCE (Red Hat Certified Engineer) exam. On the basis of the concentration you pick, you’ll have to clear at least 5-6 exams to be RHCA certified.The certification is now available in 5 different concentrations, like DevOps, Datacenter, Application Development, Application Platform, and Cloud. Depending on the concentration you pick, the prerequisites can include a combination of multiple exams and other certifications.

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  3. RHCE- Red Hat Certified Engineer
    If you have RHCSA certification and are a senior system administrator, you can appear for the RHCE exam. The training recommended by Red Hat for admins with minimum experience in Linux include RH124, RH134, and RH254 (Red Hat System Administration I, II, and III).Admins with 3-5 years of Linux experience can go for RH254 (Red Hat System Administration III) and RH199 (RHCSA Rapid Track Course) courses for the exam.

Career prospects with Red hat certifications

Many of the largest of companies all over the world use the open source solutions offered by Red Hat. Needless to say, getting Red hat certifications can significantly expand your professional opportunities. Professionals who are trained and certified in Red Hat technologies play an important role in organizations planning to implement the solutions offered by the company and maintain them to experience enduring benefits.

Irrespective of the technology an organization implements, the demand for professionals with Red hat certification has been consistent and ongoing for a long time now. If you want to serve as a system engineer, administrator, or architect, there is no better way than the certifications offered by Red Hat for your career to grow as per your expectations.


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