Top 5 Reasons to get a PRINCE2 certification

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PRINCE2 management methodology applies to every industrial sector and for any type of project. The certification is derived from PRINCE, a government standard in the UK which actually was designed for the information system field. But over the years, the methodology has constantly been upgraded and reinvented, making it useful for any and every project management professional.

If you are a project manager or want to be one, there are multiple ways in which PRINCE2 training and certification can benefit you. Some of the most important benefits of PRINCE2 are mentioned below:

  1. Global recognition
    While PRINCE was developed for the IT industry, PRINCE2 is more universal in terms of its adoption. As per a 2016 report from AXELOS, the adoption of this management methodology in industries like professional services, telecommunications, business and support services and public services and administration has already crossed its adoption in the IT industry.So, you can rest assured that the certification is not just recognised across several industries but globally too.
  2. Easy to begin
    No matter what kind of certification you want to get, it is very important for you to consider its cost and time you’d be required to commit for its preparation, and the amount of disruption it’ll introduce to your professional life. With PRINCE2 Foundation exam, you won’t be required to spend a lot of time or money on the certification.Moreover, when preparing for the Foundation certification, you’ll also get to understand what you should expect if you want to appear for advanced levels of the certification, PRINCE2 certification training, its cost and much more.
  3. Highly flexible
    Unlike a lot of other management certifications like IPMA and PMP, PRINCE2 certification is not proprietary in nature and is more of a methodology rather than being an instruction manual. The certification will help you understand the principles of project management rather than requiring you to study any particular rules or guidelines.It’ll help you understand the different management processes and project stages along with the responsibilities and roles of project managers. This will make it easier for you effectively customise your PRINCE2 projects as per your needs and efficiently monitor the projects.
  4. Lifesaver at times of uncertainty
    An important reason for employers to prefer PRINCE2 is it makes the candidates aware of what to do when the organisation is going through tough times. Be it recession, problems in an organisation, or risk management, professionals who have PRINCE2 certification are known to be troubleshooters.The focus of the certification on lessons like planning and tolerance make the certified candidates ideal for steadying the ship when times are not so good for an organisation. This is an important reason for the employers to prefer PRINCE2 certified project managers.
  5. Quicker than most other management exams
    As and when you complete the training, you’ll be eligible to give the exam through the training provider or go for a public exam. Unlike most other certifications, there are no complicated, time-consuming registration requirements or application audits.Also, when you complete your PRINCE2 certification training and get certified, APMG International will enter your name in the official list of candidates who have successfully cleared the exam and anybody can check this list online. This eliminates the need for you to send your PRINCE2 certificate to an organisation when going through the job application process.If you are looking for an effective and simple way to succeed in your career as a project manager, PRINCE2 is an excellent way to begin. The certification is simpler than most other management certifications, is globally recognised, and is sure to benefit your career in multiple ways.

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