Install Ubuntu TV from a PPA [How To]

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Ubuntu TV can already be compiled – instructions available on the Ubuntu wiki, and using those instructions, you can run it without installing it, which is actually the best way to do it (since it doesn’t replace Unity 2D), but if you don’t like to compile stuff, you can use a test PPA I’ve created […]

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ubuntu tv

Ubuntu To TV

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AnandTechSix Great Desktop Linux Features You May Take for GrantedThe VAR Guy(Optimus don't switch automagically on Linux). Wrt Nvidia we didn't really compile the driver itself, but the interface between the driver and the kernel. I believe I&…

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FreeBSD Wallpaper

[Review] FreeBSD 9.0


What’s New in FreeBSD 9.0 This article provides an overview of some of the new features available in FreeBSD 9.0. FreeBSD 9.0-RELEASE introduces many new features which benefit FreeBSD users, application developers, and companies that&hellip

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[Review] Ubuntu TV


Company Canonical has presented the first prototype of Ubuntu TV In passing in these days of international Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas company Canonical has presented the first working prototype platform Ubuntu TV, oriented&hellip

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