[How To] Reset Webmin Password

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  1. Login into system as root or become superuser.
    su -


    sudo su -
  2. Run Command
    • RedHat distribution (i.e. Fedora, CentOS, Gentoo, etc.):
      /usr/libexec/webmin/changepass.pl /etc/webmin admin newpassword
    • Debian distribution (i.e. Debian, Ubunto, etc.):
      /usr/share/webmin/changepass.pl /etc/webmin admin newpassword
    • FreeBSD:
      /usr/local/lib/webmin/changepass.pl /usr/local/etc/webmin admin newpassword
  3. Login to Webmin with new password.

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  1. C Paterson

    January 5, 2013 2:51 am

    A ‘friend’ set up a hard drive for me using webmin windows shares in 2009. I have the http address but not the username or password for login to be able to access my files. What can I do?? thanks cp.


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