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[How To] Compile Kernel (CentOS 2.6.19)

Download Kernel from Extract package tar xjf linux-2.6.19.tar.bz2 cd linux-2.6.19 Modify /etc/modprobe.conf to avoid error message mcedit /etc/modprobe.conf Comment mptscsi (if exists) alias eth0 pcnet32 alias scsi_hostadapter
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Cron Manual

Files “username” user’s cron file location /var/spool/cron/{username} Root’s crontab file /var/spool/cron/root Configuration file for cron, /etc/crontab Cron service service crontd status service crontd start service crontd stop service
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Apache Authentication

Creating Password Create htpasswd file for current (pwd) path htpasswd -mc .htpasswd yourusername Insert new password Create .htaccess file for current path touch .htaccess mcedit .htaccess Paste this
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