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[LINUX FILE] /etc/group

/etc/group is a text file which defines the groups to which users belong under Linux and UNIX operating system. Under Unix / Linux multiple users can be categorized into groups. Unix file system permissions are …
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[Manual] /var/log/messages does not exist in Ubuntu

Enabling /var/log/messages in Ubuntu Edit file /etc/rsyslog.d/50-default.conf and uncomment following lines. *.=info;*.=notice;*.=warn;\ auth,authpriv.none;\ cron,daemon.none;\ mail,news.none -/var/log/messages daemon.*;mail.*;\ news.err;\ *.=debug;*.=info;\ *.=notice;*.=warn |/dev/xconsole After that restart rsyslog: sudo restart rsyslog

Shell types

sh or Bourne Shell – the original shell still used on UNIX systems and in UNIX related environments. This is the basic shell, a small program with few features. When in POSIX-compatible mode, bash will …
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killall [Command]

Command killall killall command kills all active processes. Syntax killall Options view option kill command Description Command killall kills all active processes. Implied value send a signal equal to 9 (signal destruction).
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uptime [Command]

Command uptime Displays the time of continuous operation of the system. Syntax uptime Description uptime utility displays the current time, time of continuous operation of the system, the number of users in the system and …
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top [Command]

Command top Displays a list of currently executing processes, ordered by the percentage use of CPU time. Syntax top Options q: requires top performance with the highest possible priority (for this you should …
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pstree [Command]

Command pstree Displays all running processes in a tree. Syntax pstree Options -a displays the command line arguments. -c does not compress the subtrees. -l displays a long line. -n sorts the processes …