Sending mail from bash [Script]

Sending mail from bash [Script]

The mail command can be used under Linux or UNIX bash, ksh, csh shell to send an email. To send a message to one or more people, mail can be invoked with arguments which are the names of people to whom the mail will be sent. You are then expected to type in your message, followed by an <control-D> at the beginning of a line. However, using the following syntax one can send email easily:

mail -s ‘Subject’


# Subject
# To
# Message
echo "This is email text" >>$EMAILMESSAGE
# Sending email using /bin/mail

6 Responsesto “Sending mail from bash [Script]”

  1. juriad says:

    better is:

    /bin/mail -s "$SUBJECT" "$TOEMAIL" <<END
    This is email text

    and you don’t need any extra file

  2. stderr says:

    For a quick test of mailserver, I usually use pipe.

    echo "This is a message" | mail -s "$SUBJECT" "$TOEMAIL"

  3. Murdej Ukrutny says:

    or this if you need send program output:

    ( echo "foooo" ; ls ; ps ) | /bin/mail -s "$SUBJECT" "$TOEMAIL"

  4. Ash says:

    sendmail “$TOEMAIL” <<<"Message"

  5. says:

    I want to send an email from a Linux Shell script. What is the standard command to do this and do I need to set up any special server names?

  6. umesh says:

    Anybody can help me what is the require for sending mail through bash script.


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