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Command cat

cat – command copy the file to standard output (screen). View the contents of a file and it is also used for creating a new file with some contents.


cat [-benstvA] files


-B enumerates in a non-empty string.
-E displays each line ending characters (as $) and all the invisible characters.
-N enumerates all the output lines, starting with 1.
-S replaces several blank lines to one blank line.
-T displays tabs as ^I.
-V show invisible characters.
-A shows all characters (including invisible).


Usually, the cat command is used to display the contents of a file or to concatenate multiple files into one. For example, cat filel file2 file3> all three files together in one file with the name of all.



to view file contents

cat > newfilename

enter,then you can write something in the file and then to save the file contents press clt+d then enter

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