dos2unix [Command]

Command dos2unix

dos2unix command converts a text file format DOS/Mac to UNIX format.


dos2unix [options] [-o file ...] [-n source_file destination_file ...]


-h displays help about the team.
-k destination_file preserves the creation date of the original file.
-q suppresses the messages and warnings during the execution team.
-V displays the version number.
-c sets the conversion mode: ASCII (default), 7bit, ISO, Mac.


Dos2unix command is used to convert the formats of text files DOS/Mac to UNIX format. It is known that the formats of text files in different operating systems different. This line test files in DOS end with a CR and LF (carriage return and line feed), in UNIX – only a symbol of LF. Mode -o (works on default) all files specified on the command line, correspond to the format UNIX. In mode -n separately specify source_file and destination_file.

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