Combining two network interfaces under FreeBSD 5.x

The Combination of two 100 Mbit/c network cards into one virtual, with a 200 Mbit/s bandwidth.

kldload /boot/kernel/ng_ether.ko
kldload /boot/kernel/ng_one2many.ko
ifconfig rl0 up
ifconfig rl1 up
ngctl mkpeer rl0: one2many upper one
ngctl connect rl0: rl0:upper lower many0
ngctl connect rl1: rl0:upper lower many1
ngctl msg rl1: setpromisc 1
ngctl msg rl1: setautosrc 0
ngctl msg rl0:upper \
setconfig "{ xmitAlg=1 failAlg=1 enabledLinks=[ 1 1 ] }"
ifconfig rl0 inet

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