Installing software through Ports on FreeBSD

Update ports collection:
Edit /usr/share/examples/cvsup/ports-supfile and run:

cvsup-G-L 2 ports-supfile


 make search Key = "line" - search package by keyword.
make search name = "line"- search by name of the package. 

Installing the port:

 cd /usr/ports/port; make; make install 

Other commands:

 make DEINSTALL - uninstall the application.
make fetch - download the application from the network.
make checksum - verify checksums.
make depends - rebuild depends.
make extract - extract the sources in the work directory.
make patch - apply patches to the application.
make build - build the application from the initial tests.
make clean - "clean" source code after assembly.
make reinstall - reinstall the application after the removal.
make package - build the port package


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