[How To] Support php-zip extension in Fedora 16

Solve the problem of support php-zip-extension in Fedora-16


If you install PHP from the standard repository found no support php-zip-extension, Moodle 2.2 will not run on the server. This is a problem for some users running distributions Fedora 15 and Fedora 16.


  1. Install Apache, PHP and required extensions from repository.
  2. Download and unpack the source code og PHP (for example in the /dist) from the official site.
  3. Create a inf.php:
    phpinfo ();

    In your browser type http://localhost/inf.php to see how PHP is configured in the repository.

  4. Go to the directory with the source of PHP and execute ./configure script almost
    all obtained in the previous step options, but add another -enable-zip
  5. Go to the directory /dist/php-XXX/ext/zip and do the following:
       sudo make install


    sudo checkinstall
  6. Obtain the specified shared-module zip.so
  7. Restart the web server:
    sudo systemctl restart httpd.service

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