Tame the Ubuntu 11.10 Unity interface with MyUnity

The new interface introduced with the latest version of Ubuntu has had a mixed response. MyUnity offers an easy way to change some of the visual settings. This can make the Launcher and Unity in general easier to use as well as that satisfaction in having it set up exactly as you want.

Installation is a little more complicated than most programs but it is worth the effort. According to the OMG! Ubuntu blog, MyUnity has been accepted as an official program for the next version of Ubutnu.
The quickest way to install MyUnity is with the Terminal. Click on the Dash button at the top left of the screen, type terminal and click on the program icon that appears.


sudo add-apt-repository ppa:myunity/ppa

and press Enter. It will tell you that MyUnity should be available in the Software Centre but I had to install this way, so press Enter to confirm when prompted.

Next type

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install myunity

and press Enter. You might not have to enter your password again. Press Y to confirm the installation when prompted. This second step can be skipped if you want to look in the Software Centre but since the terminal is open, you might as well use that.
To start MyUnity, click on the Dash button, type MyUnity and click on the icon.

Source: computeractive.co.uk/ca/download-review/2135473/tame-ubuntu-1110-unity-interface-myunity

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