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Linux Command Line

brushtopbm [Command]

Command brushtopbm brushtopbm — Convert a doodle brush file into a portable bitmap Syntax brushtopbm Description brushtopbm reads a Xerox doodle brush file as input and produces a portable bitmap as output. Note that …
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bitmap, bmtoa, atobm [Command]

Command bitmap, bmtoa, atobm bitmap, bmtoa, atobm — Bitmap editor and converter utilities for the X Window System Syntax bitmap bmtoa atobm Description The bitmap program is a rudimentary tool for creating …
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bioradtopgm [Command]

Command bioradtopgm bioradtopgm — Convert a Biorad confocal file into a portable graymap Syntax bioradtopgm Description Reads a Biorad confocal file as input. Produces a portable graymap as output. If the resulting image is …
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beforelight [Command]

Command beforelight beforelight — Screen saver Syntax beforelight Description The beforelight program is a sample implementation of a screen saver for X servers supporting the MIT-SCREEN-SAVER extension.
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bdftopcf [Command]

Command bdftopcf bdftopcf — Convert X font from Bitmap Distribution Format to Portable Compiled Format Syntax bdftopcf fontfile.bdf Description bdftopcf is a font compiler for the X server and font server. Fonts in Portable …
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atktopbm [Command]

Command atktopbm atktopbm — Convert Andrew Toolkit raster object to portable bitmap Syntax atktopbm Description atktopbm reads an Andrew Toolkit raster object as input and produces a portable bitmap as output. See also pbmtoatk, …
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asciitopgm [Command]

Command asciitopgm asciitopgm — Convert ASCII graphics into a portable graymap Syntax asciitopgm height width Description Reads ASCII data as input. Produces a portable graymap with pixel values that are an approximation of …
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arch [Command]

Command arch arch — Print architecture Syntax arch Description arch displays machine architecture type. See also
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ar [Command]

Command ar ar — Create, modify, and extract from archives Syntax ar dmpqrtx archive files ... Description The GNU ar program creates, modifies, and extracts from archives. An archive is a single file …