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Unity 5 Keyboard Shortcuts

Unity 5 [Keyboard Shortcuts]

Launcher Super (Press) Open Launcher, displays shortcuts. Alt + F1 Open Launcher keyboard navigation mode. Super + Tab Switch application via Launcher. Super + 1 to 9 Same as clicking on a Launcher icon. Super …
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Ubuntu variants to get 12.04 LTS releases

The Ubuntu Technical Board has approved three separate proposals which will see Long Term Support (LTS) editions of the KDE-based Kubuntu, Xfce-based Xubuntu and education-oriented Edubuntu appear alongside Ubuntu 12.04 LTS when it is released …
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Networking in Ubuntu 12.04 LTS

One of my focus for this cycle is to get Ubuntu’s support for complex networking working in a predictable way. The idea was to review exactly what’s happening at boot time, get a list of …