Unity 5 [Keyboard Shortcuts]


Super (Press) Open Launcher, displays shortcuts.
Alt + F1 Open Launcher keyboard navigation mode.
Super + Tab Switch application via Launcher.
Super + 1 to 9 Same as clicking on a Launcher icon.
Super + Shift + 1 to 9 Open a new window of the app.
Super + T Open the Rubbish Bin.
Ctrl + Alt + T Open the terminal in linux graphical mode.


Super (Tap) Open the Dash Home.
Super + A Open the Dash App Lens.
Super + F Open the Dash Files Lens.
Super + M Open the Dash Music Lens.
Ctrl + Tab Switches between Lenses.
Cursor Keys Moves the focus.
Enter/ Return Open currently focused item.
Alt + F2 ‘Run Command’ mode.

Top Bar

Alt Reveals application menu.
F10 Opens the indicator menu.
Cursor Left & Right Moves focus between indicators.


Alt + Tab Switch between applications.
Disabled Switch windows of current application.
Alt + Up Close window switch, return to app switch.
Cursor Left & Right Moves the foucs.


Super-fs Spread workspaces.
Cursor Keys Switch workspaces.


Disabled Spreads all windows in current workspace.
Control + Alt + d Minimises all windows.
Alt + Space Open window accessibility menu.
Alt + F10 Maximises current window.
Alt + F5 Un-maximises current window.
Alt + F9 Minimises current window.
Alt + F8 Resizes current window.
Alt + F4 Closes current window.
Ctrl + Alt + Num Places window in corresponding positions.
Alt + F7 Move window.

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