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exit [Command]

Command exit Allows you to exit from a program, shell or log you out of a Unix network. Syntax exit Description To end a current session as well current terminal logging
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clear [Command]

Command clear Clear the screen. Syntax clear Description Command clear it will clear the screen (shortcut ctl+l)
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whatis [Command]

Command whatis Searches for whole words in the database whatis (see command apropos). Syntax whatis keyword Options no Description whatis command displays the result of search whole words in the database whatis (see description command …
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uname [Command]

Command uname Displays system information, such as the type of machine and operating system. Syntax uname Options -a displays all the information. -m displays the type of equipment (eg, i586). -n displays the hostname …
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man [Command]

Command man Print page operational manual (also called man-pages). Syntax man command Options -C conf_file indicates configuration file man (by default /etc/man.config). -p indicates listatel pager leadership (eg, less). -a displays all man-pages …
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ldd [Command]

Command ldd ldd command displays the names of shared libraries required for execution. Syntax ldd program Options -v displays the version number of ldd. -V displays the version number of the dynamic linker (, …
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info [Command]

Command info info command displays online help for any command Linux. Syntax info command Options -d add the directory to the list of directories in which files are being explored. -f file_info specifies the …
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passwd [Command]

Command passwd Changes the password. Syntax passwd Description The passwd command changes your password. It asks for old password, and then the new password. If you are a privileged user, you can change the …
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groups [Command]

Command groups groups command shows the groups to which the user belongs. Syntax groups Description groups command displays the names of groups to which the user belongs. Unless specify the username, the command displays …
vi editor

vi Editor [Command] [How To]

Basic vi commands Command Description TERM = terminal_name export TERM Setting Terminal configuration tput init Initialize terminal as terminal_name vi filename Open the vi text editor to edit the file filename a Add text after …