ansi2knr [Command]

Command ansi2knr

ansi2knr — Convert ANSI C to Kernighan & Ritchie C


ansi2knr input_file output_file


If no output_file is supplied, output goes to stdout. There are no error messages.

ansi2knr recognizes functions by seeing a nonkeyword identifier at the left margin, followed by a left parenthesis, with a right parenthesis as the last character on the line. It will recognize a multiline header if the last character on each line but the last is a left parenthesis or comma. These algorithms ignore whitespace and comments, except that the function name must be the first thing on the line.

The following constructs will confuse it:

  • Any other construct that starts at the left margin and follows the above syntax (such as a macro or function call)
  • Macros that tinker with the syntax of the function header

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