[HowTo] Replace battery of 70mai PRO

70mai Smart Dash Cam Pro have inside lithium-ion battery for parking mode and unfortunately this kind of battery can last can last about 1-2 years. This means that soon you need to replace it. In general, it is always better to get a dashcam using a supercapacitor battery instead of a lithium-ion battery for long life and to avoid risk of exposure in high temperatures.

Attached video shows how to remove and change battery of 70mai PRO car dash cam. Also, there are some useful photos which will helpful during disassembly.

70mai PRO original battery capacity is 500mAh and the model is HMC1450. For replacement we can also use any “14500 3.7V Lithium-ion Battery”, just find it in your favorite store.

Parameters and specifications of original HMC1450 is available in official document, it is available in PDF format HERE.

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