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Private IPv4 addresses

The private address space specified in RFC 1918 is defined by the following three address blocks: Range Number Network – 16,777,216 ( 24 bits – 1,048,576 ( 20 bits …

Installing VMWare Tools on Fedora 15

su yum update reboot su yum install kernel-devel kernel-headers gcc make start tools install cd /tmp tar -xzf /media/VMware\ Tools/VMwareTools-8.4.5-324285.tar.gz cd vmware-tools-distrib ./

Shell types

sh or Bourne Shell – the original shell still used on UNIX systems and in UNIX related environments. This is the basic shell, a small program with few features. When in POSIX-compatible mode, bash will …
Get Device Information

Get Device Information

Get All Hardware Devices lspci Get Drives Info fdisk -l Get HDD Partitions Info df -h Get CPU Info cat /proc/cpuinfo Get Filesystems Info cat /proc/filesystems Configuration Info Sytem Configuration system-config-network system-config-display system-config-packages system-config-... Show …
Webmin Logo

[How To] Reset Webmin Password

Login into system as root or become superuser. su - or sudo su - Run Command RedHat distribution (i.e. Fedora, CentOS, Gentoo, etc.): /usr/libexec/webmin/ /etc/webmin admin newpassword Debian distribution (i.e. Debian, Ubunto, etc.): /usr/share/webmin/ /etc/webmin …
Files, Folders Management

Files, Folders Management

Append “Hello” to /hello.txt echo "Hello" >> /hello.txt Replace /hello.txt and put the “Hello” into the /hello.txt echo "Hello" > /hello.txt Show file info wc /root/anaconda-ks.cfg Delete file(s) rm *.txt rm lala.txt Create text file …

Get CPU Information

Get CPU Model cat "/proc/cpuinfo" | grep "model name" Get CPU Frequency cat "/proc/cpuinfo" | grep "cpu MHz" Get CPU Cache Size cat "/proc/cpuinfo" | grep "cache size"