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asciitopgm [Command]

Command asciitopgm asciitopgm — Convert ASCII graphics into a portable graymap Syntax asciitopgm height width Description Reads ASCII data as input. Produces a portable graymap with pixel values that are an approximation of …
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GNU as [Command]

Command GNU as GNU as — The portable GNU assembler Syntax as i960-only options: m680x0-only options: Description GNU as is really a family of assemblers. If you use (or have used) the …
Gnome 3.4

[Review] Gnome 3.4

Gnome 3.4, the third stable release in the 3.x series, is here. We couldn’t wait to try it out, since the last year has revealed Gnome 3 to be a desktop with a lot of …
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arch [Command]

Command arch arch — Print architecture Syntax arch Description arch displays machine architecture type. See also
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ar [Command]

Command ar ar — Create, modify, and extract from archives Syntax ar dmpqrtx archive files ... Description The GNU ar program creates, modifies, and extracts from archives. An archive is a single file …
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appres [Command]

Command appres appres — List X application resource database Syntax appres ] Description The appres program prints the resources seen by an application (or subhierarchy of an application) with the specified class and …
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anytopnm [Command]

Command anytopnm anytopnm — Attempt to convert an unknown type of image file to a portable anymap Syntax anytopnm file Description anytopnm uses the file program, possibly augmented by the magic numbers file included with …
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ansi2knr [Command]

Command ansi2knr ansi2knr — Convert ANSI C to Kernighan & Ritchie C Syntax ansi2knr input_file output_file Description If no output_file is supplied, output goes to stdout. There are no error messages. ansi2knr recognizes functions by …
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afmtodit [Command]

Command afmtodit afmtodit — Create font files for use with groff –Tps Syntax afmtodit afm_file map_file font Options –n Don’t output a ligatures command for this font. Use this with constant-width fonts. –s The …