[How To] find longest strings in array

Problem: Given an array of strings, return another array containing all of its longest strings. For Example, given [“ccd”, “bb”, “hg”, “aaa”, “kbj”, “f”] array, should be returned [“ccd”, “aaa”, “kbj”].

Solution 1

def longestStrings(array):
    longestLength = 0
    result = []
    for word in array:
        if len(word) == longestLength:
        if len(word) > longestLength:
            longestLength = len(word)
            result = [word]
    return result

Solution 2

def longestStrings(array):
    longestLength = max(len(word) for word in array)
    result = [word for word in array if len(word) == longestLength]
    return result

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